How to use a reader's custom character in script?

So, I have the character appearance customization and name customization coding in my story and these work fine, but how do I turn that created character into one I can insert in the coding? I’ve tried using NAME when directing a character or having them talk, but in the story display, it just shows as NAME and not the custom one inserted by the reader. I don’t know what to put in the script to get the reader’s desired name and appearance to reoccur in the story. Please help!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe you did something wrong when adding inputs

You can just copy and paste:

input What’s the MC’s first name?| What’s the MC’s first name?| Done (NAME)

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Got the name to work, but how do I connect character customization to the name?

Go to characters and change the display name to NAME for them and save.

so when I change the name of a character I’ve added to the story to NAME, that will be the character that the reader gets to customize? I guess I’m just confused on where the customized character is coming from and how I can continue adding them into the script after the reader’s created them.

Go to characters:

It says:

Script Name: YOU
Display Name: NAME

Script name is the name that you use in the script when you’re writing and the display name is the name that is displayed to the readers (shown to them).

Example in your script:

Hey, what’s up?

My name is [NAME].

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