HOW TO: Use and Direct Horses

Using Horses in Episode

Horses in Episode are Limelight characters, and are treated the same way in the Writer’s Portal as human characters are.

To add a horse to your story, select a horse on the Create New Character page.

Horse Body colors and Hair color can be edited in the Character Editor.

On Horses, the “Bald” option returns the mane and tail to the default color for the chosen Body color you have chosen.

Horses have a basic set of clothing (saddle, bridle/reins and unicorn horns), they can be dressed with in the same way as human clothing.

NOTE: If you add “Bridle Black” and it does not appear, try deleting “Horse No Bridle” to fix the issue.


Horses are directed in Donacode exactly the same as human characters. They can be spot directed, play animations, and speak.

“Ride” animations

Animations for the Horse and Riders (humans can be both rider and passenger) were created so one spot placement value can be used for all characters. This is especially useful when riding a horse across the frame. You can define Donacode “walks to spot” commands for your horse then simply use those same values for the human(s).

The ride animations work best when the walk style (walk, trot or gallop) matches for both humans and horses.

NOTE: There are some known issues when using the ride animations on humans.

The human animations for Horse riding hide body and clothing parts on one leg, which can leave the character partially undressed in animations immediately following their use. |231.00000000000003x310|243.90789473684214x309|246.4736842105263x310

The visibility of the character’s clothing can be reset by either going to a new background or using the “changes into” command to re-apply their current outfit. Use this command before playing the next animation.



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Out of curiosity, is there a code to change the horse’s color in our scripts?


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Thank you so much for posting the information and instructions on how to include horses in our stories. Very inspiring for current and upcoming authors.

I made a fast tutorial video.


@Melani3 Do we have a Donacode for the reader customization of horse body color? For humans it’s changes bodyColor, but that is not seeming to work with the horses.

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