How to use backgrounds

So always when I try to upload any back groung I get this notification saying it’s to small. Do I something wrong Orr??

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Your background is too small. Episode only accepts backgrounds which are 640px wide and 1136px tall (640x1136). I run into the problem often too :sweat_smile: .
If I come across this problem, what I use is Photo Editor : Pixlr X - free image editing online . Then, click on ‘create new’ on the left hand side, then toggle the width and height to your preference, keep in mind that 640x1136 is the minimum size you can have.
I did some quick calculations and the size you would put in for the most similar result as your original would be 2070x1212 (2070px wide and 1212px tall)

Once done, click ‘create’ then a download button will appear in the bottom right hand corner. Hope it worked! :llama:


thank you so much! I’m going to try it out :heart:

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I use this, it’s much easier :sweat_smile:

thank you! :kiss:

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Np :smiley: