How to use "does it while" - INK


Hey I’ve had this question for long now, so I noticed there’ s a command called “does it while” would anyone tell me how to use it? It would be really helpful!
Thank you !! :hugs::two_hearts:


It’s like this:

@CHARACTER walks to screen center AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral_loop

I’m pretty sure anyway


Use it when you want the character to do the action without the weird second pause which happens when you use is.

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center AND CHARACTER does it while walk_offset THEN CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is idle_sad


Thank you but I have one more question thought, I’ve seen on some stories when character1 talks, character2 does an animation while it.




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&CHARACTER2 starts animation


Ohh ok thank you so much!! :blush::smiley:


I will thank you!