How To use Gain if Your Confused or if Elif and Else!

Okay There is Many Many MANY tips And Loads Of People Can Tell U How To Use The If Elif And else Code But Some Might be confused Abt Gain or How to use it Instead Of Naming Your Choice Example-

Female 1 (talk)

Male 1 (talk)
Hey Female !

Female 1 (talk)
How Was Mya Party!

Male 1 (talk)
It Was Fine heh…

Female 1 (talk)
Okay Im Gonna ask her!
@Female 1 exits left while run_loop
Omg Hey!

Female 1

Did Derek tell U About the Shoot Out!

Female 1 starts think Blah blah
Now U Put choice I Recommend Watching Joseph Evans And Lots Of Other They help Alot And They Helped me Get To A AWESOME level

}"He Didnt{
}“He Did!”{
}"I gotta Go! "{

Now In Those You Wanna Put A Gain! Like Gain Space If The Reader Pick He didn’t U Would prob pick
Gain Derek_Lied
Or gain The_truth_Expose

Your Gains Might or Must Have These _ Because it more proper and helps And Looks Cleaner

Now once u put all your gains If Elif and Else Come in if u have 2 Choices If And Elif
If U Have 3 If elif And Else! Or If U have 2 I don’t know but It either If and elif or If and Else!

Now let Say Female 1 Talks To Derek or male 1 And He ask why are u mad
Now Whatever choice u Pick is What Happens Now Put this code In!
if (Choice) {
[scene for choice]

} elif (choice) {
[scene for choice here]

} else {
[scene for scene here]

I hope That Help Im Not at Joseph evans Level or Famous Famous Episode writers but even the simple coding can be the best But Try putting Hard work and write down your characters ideas script and how many episode and when u will publish The work U put into your stories the more famous it will Get Hope This Helped If U wanna leave tips for me or anyone else That Fine I Don’t Mind Im Just trying to help Out!
Great people With great tutorials

There Loads And Loads But here some !


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