How to use ibis Paint X

Okay so I’m a dummy. I want to try doing artwork for episode but don’t know how to use the app. How do I do outlines or upload a picture and draw from it with fades. HELP?!?!?!


I gotchu :grin:

So, at the bottom is your toolbar. From left to right, you’ve got your “switch tools” button (I never use it, but it’s just an easy way to switch from brush to eraser).

The brush button changes as you change tools. Click it to change to blur, the eyedropper, magic wand, etc.

Next is your brushes, where you can pick and choose all of your brushes (watch one ad and you can get all of them for free for 18 hours).

The square is your color picker.

The arrow pointing downward is just to hide the toolbar.

Then you have your layers button. This is (I think) the most important part. This is where you add layers (the + button), duplicate layers (the + in a square), flip the entire canvas vertically and horizontally, and upload photos (the camera). The 3 bars on the right side of each layer is how you move layers. Next to the word “background” are a white square, a checkered white square, and checkered black square. To save your edit as a PNG, it has to be on one of the checkered backgrounds. The bar that says “normal” is where you can choose the blending mode of a layer. You have to mess around with that to fully understand it (it’s easy, I promise).

On the right side are buttons that affect each layer individually, and not all at once. The top checkered box is to clear a layer, the black/white boxes with arrows is to invert the canvas color. The next two are to flip the layer vertically or horizontally. The arrow with the two lines beneath it is to merge layers down. This helps to save space and make the app run smoother (too many layers makes the app slow). Then you have your delete layer button. The three dots at the bottom has a list of things that I honestly have no idea what they mean. Only the "save layer as transparent PNG), which is pretty self explanatory.

And lastly is the bar at the botton of the layers panel. That’s how you change opacity of a layer.

Alright, that was a lot :sweat_smile:

To answer your question, making an outline is fairly simple. Without a photo, you just draw your outline on the canvas, click one of the checkered boxes to change the background (under the layers button!) and then you exit of your canvas and click the 3 dots at the bottom and save as a JPG, PNG, even a movie (MP4) that you can watch or share.

With a photo, you have to create a canvas, go to your layers panel, click the camera on the left, and choose your photo. It’ll ask you if you want to change it to grayscale to make it easier to outline. That’s up to you. Then you add another layer, lower the opacity of the photo layer, then switch back to new layer, and begin outlining!

I hope this helped! You can always message me for help if you need to, but I think I’ve covered everything. There’s also probably tons of vidoes out there that you can watch to further explain. Happy editing! :relaxed:


OMG I fricken love you lol. Thank you SOOOO much. I was going to delete the app because I got confused and started yelling at my phone.

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