How to Use Layers For A Overlay While Using Another Overlay

I want to have a scene using this overlay:

As well as EFFECT DIM 60, but I don’t want it to look like this arm is glowing. How do I achieve this?

Put the dim overlay at a higher layer/move the arms overlay to a lower layer :slight_smile:

Example please?

&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 moves to layer 5
&overlay ARM moves to layer 4
&CHAR1 moves to layer 3
&CHAR2 moves to layer 2

CHAR1 will be the rear facing character
CHAR2 will be the character hugging CHAR2
(I’m assuming that’s what is happening in the scene)
overlay ARM - is your overlay, use whatever you have named it instead of ARM
EFFECT DIM 60 can be scaled, shifted and animated like a normal overlay

It worked!!

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Yay! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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