How to use shopping bags?

i need help on how to use the shopping bag in outfits , there are no shopping bags in prop , how do i go about it please ?

There should be some when ur creating outfits. Just add it to the outfit you’re creating, but to remove the bags, you’d have to create a duplicate outfit without the bags.

Here’s some overlays of bags if you don’t wanna create the outfits.

Which style is the shopping bag in?
I’m just asking out of curiosity

There is defo some in limelight not sure about ink

Really? I tried searching this one time but I didn’t find an shopping bags in LL. :woman_shrugging:

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It goes under the name Shopping Bags

Ohh ok. Then there’s just no shopping bags for males :smiley:

the shopping bag is for limelight but appears only as outfits not props

shopping bags for limelight is only available in outfits

Yeah I know that. There’s just none for males. Only for females.

thanks but i tried creating it , buh the background i want for it is white