How to use someone else's backgound?

Before I go on with it, I want to apologize if I didn’t choose the right category. I don’t know how these work :grimacing:

For example, if I want to use a background created by someone and they say I have to give credit when I use it and do not say it’s mine because I will be reported, I still have to upload the background and click the box below where it says ''Name your image and upload"? I’m saying this because there says that the content is original to me and I own the rights. Is this a thing I should be worried about? I don’t know if this makes sense but I just wanted to make sure before I publish a story.

Thank you!

Well you shouldn’t worry about it
When you are to use a custom background by someone else, the most important thing is crediting in your story to let people know who readlly owns all rights over the background. On the portal you will only be asked to acknowledge the background is yours for review but what matters most and what people see is the credit you give in your story.

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Oh, I understand.
Thank you so much! :heart:

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You’re welcome

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