HOW TO: use text effects, weather effects n how to resize speech bubbles

I have placed my characters very close to each other so… When they r talking… The speech bubbles are really looking big n I want to scale em down n move em. Any ideas how to do it.??
AND I want to use text effects but I don’t know how to use em. Same goes to weather effects. Anybody here who could help me out please…?.
It’d be very nice of u…


Hello girl! It’s pretty easy to scale speechbubbles! All you have to do is to do this all preview thing then click on the button called “Directing helper”. It will show you a few more buttons on the right side of the screen. Click on one of those - “bubble helper”. And then you have to switch tool to scale when you want to change the size or click on the same button to move - when you want to change the spot! That’s all! If you have more questions feel free to ask!<3 I’m mostly active on ig (maek.epsde)! I hope I helped ILY!

After that how to like u know change that in the script… I mean what’s the code for resizing that?? In the script?

Oh sorry forgot ab that! You just have to scroll down a little and then there’s that white rectangle with buttons “Copy” and “Copy Stage”. Just click on “Copy” and paste this before chars speech

(here) -@speechbubble is (…)
CHARACTER (talk_smthn)
Blah blah blah

Then you have to add @speechbubble reset or you can just change the speechbubble to a different one and copy and paste it.
If you don’t to that, the speechbubble will stay at the same spot for the whole time after this code.
Hope I helped damn Im not so good with explaining things, sorry…<3

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no ,u have helped me a lot .thanks
hope we can be frnds

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Ofc! i would def love that :smile:

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lets dm then…

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Thank u sooo much for the help

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