How to use the if/elif/else coding?

I would like to know how to use the if/elif/coding. I would like my story to kind of go into different directions where a choice will affect the story. I would like the choices that I have to have different outcomes in the story line. That’s where the if/elif/else coding comes in at. Here’s my script:

ASHDEN (think)
(Should I listen in?)
“Be an eavesdropper.”{
ASHDEN (talk_shrug)
(I want to know what their talking about.)
gain Be_an_eavesdropper
}“Do not listen in.”{
ASHDEN (talk_awkward)
(It would be wrong to be nosey.)
gain do_not_listen_in
if (Be an eavesdropper.) {
@ASHDEN is search
} Do not listen in. {
ASHDEN (talk_shrug)
(I’m just gonna go in my office.)
@ASHDEN exits left

Both choices are very crucial to the story line so whatever choice the reader chooses, will see what will happen in the story based on those choices. Also, I have an error that says “Expected else or elif () after block.” I don’t know what the means.

Here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

You replied on that thread but did you actually read through the guide?

Your if/elif/else is not correct. If you are using the “choice name and option” method, the format for the if/elif/else looks like this:


Also again:

I did all of that, and I did actually read that stuff on that other thread. I did the right thing, but it shows up as an error.

I can see that you didn’t. You’re mixing up the 2 methods. If you’re adding gains, then the gain name should be the only thing inside the parentheses for the if/elif/else. Instead you put just the choice option inside the parentheses.

If you’re using gains, you don’t need to name your choice.

Your if/else should look like this with only the gain name:

if (Be_an_eavesdropper) {

} else {


Okay. I still don’t really understand it, but I guess so :frowning: So I don’t put the second choice as the “else?”

The “else” is the 2nd option

Ohh okay. So what if there’s more than 2 options?


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Very helpful :slight_smile: