HOW TO: Use the OTHER transitions

Dissolve code is:

@transition dissolve start white

@transition dissolve end white

Problem is is that this one seems to not be working.

The shade transition:
@transition shade down white

@transition shade up white

Transition curtain:
@transition curtain out_right white

@transition curtain in_right white

@transition curtain out_left white

@transition curtain in_left white

@transition curtain in_bottom white

@transition curtain out_bottom white

@transition curtain in_top white

@transition curtain out_top white

Iris transition:
@transition iris in black

@transition iris out black

Use iris out to leave a scene, iris in to go into one.

Traditional fade in:
@transition fade out black

@transition fade in black

White can be replaced with Black, Gray, Green, Red, Magenta, Orange, blue and yellow.


there is already post about it :wink::

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how would that look like?

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