How to use the painful animation without actually being pregnant?

I’ve seen in a lot of stories where the main character uses the idle_exhausted_cramp_loop animation and I’ve tried but it says it isn’t compatible mainly cause the character im using ISN’T wearing any of the clothes provided for characters who are preggers.
Idk how other people did it and haven’t been able to find any help!
If anyone knows how to sort this out it would be much appreciated!!! :smile:

Thanks <3

animations are not connected to clothing-

I’m confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

oop mishap!
it’s this animation - stretch_pregnant_painful

I want it to be on a person who doesn’t have a baby bump but it won’t let me and just used the idle animation

I don’t think that the animation is the problem

The pregnant animations should work even if the characters aren’t using pregnancy clothes; as the other person said, animations aren’t connected to clothes.

Is the character you are trying to use the animation on a male? Because these animations only work on females.

It could also be a glitch… try previewing on the app

They are females but an error usually comes up, I’ll try to take a screenshot

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