How to use the point system in outfit choices?

I’m making a dressup thing, and if you have a certain amount of points with a character, you get a special outfit. How do I implement this?

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So for the outfits you can either use the characters name or make a character named after whatever outfit etc you want.

You do know the basics on how the points system works correct?

I was going to write a example, but I feel like it would just be easier for you to post your code (if you have a example/need help). But if not, I don’t mind typing up some sort of template. (Feel free to pm me).
Do you have points currently accumulating within your story? Or at least places you can add them.

From there it’s quite simple, just using the if/elif/else format :smiley:

I do know how the point system works. I have points accumulating in certain places. I want it to be, if you have enough points with my character Gwenyth, you get a special outfit choice. How would I implement that? I tried using the if/elif/else format, and it was displayed as an error.

Hmmm interesting.

Is your format like this?

if (GWENYTH = (#) {
choice here (can be exact etc)
elif (GWENYTH < (#){
choice not given

Make sure your brackets are closed.
If that doesn’t help, can you post your code?