How to use the Point System

Hi Episode family!

Can you please help me on learning how to use the point system in my story. I’ve seen the point system in other stories with a small message at the top letting you know how your choice will effect the character or others simply put CHRIS -1 or CHRIS +1 at the top. How do I put that in my script. Below is my choices and then I believe I have to do if elif else. Can someone help me with both those codings.

choice “Hear Him Out” {
HOPE (talk_arms_crossed)
You have five minutes and five minutes only.
@CHRIS is deepbreath
HOPE (talk_arms_crossed)
Follow me
@HOPE exits right
KAIL (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
You don’t even deserve five mintues
@CHRIS exits right AND CHRIS is walk_sad

} "I said Bye" {


Check out this thread :slightly_smiling_face:
If you’re still having trouble feel free to ask @Dara.Amarie, she’s extremely helpful.


to get the small text at the top it’s called readerMessage

readerMessage text here