How to Use THEN in Script

So, basically in a lot of stories I’ve read, I’ve seen animations that use the THEN.
@CHARACTER is talk_apathetic THEN CHARACTER is laugh_giggle
&CHARACTER is talk_apathetic THEN CHARACTER is laugh_giggle
But in other stories, I’ve seen those animations go quicker than others. A story that I see this in is, “So, we’re adults now?” I’m just wondering how the author gets the characters to do the animations so quickly?


You have to use the &

Sorry, I should’ve put that in the description, but I do use that in my script.

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&CHARACTER is talk_apathetic
@CHARACTER is laugh_giggle

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Thank you, I’ll try this out.

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You’re welcome

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Or it’s probably

@CHARACTER is talk_apathetic
&CHARACTER is laugh_giggle

Idk. Try to do both ways.

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I’m not too sure if one of them works, but I’ll keep experimenting to try and figure it out. Thank you again.

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I think its with the use of the command “STARTS”


@CHARACTER is talk_apathetic
@CHARACTER starts laugh _giggle

?? let me know if that works lmao


It works, I’m just trying to get my character to do it while she is talking. Thank you!

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yayy! :partying_face: :partying_face:

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