How to walk slowly to a spot?


Hello guys, this is my new first topic and I’m a new author in episode. My story is called The Martinez Twins and I will soon hit 400 reads :smile: . Can’t believe it! Anyways, I was wondering how to make your character walk slowly to an exact spot? I have seen that in a lot of story but Idk how to do it.

Thank you ! :love_letter:

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for this you would say @CHARACTER walks to spot in 3 or however long you’d like it to be :slight_smile:


Omgg thank you so much, it works. You saved my life! Thanks again!! :laughing::kissing_heart:


No problem lol!


Can you please help me !! I want my character to stand far far back and i want her to run across the screen not back far left wven garther than that … like i’m using spot directing and when i make the character move or exit they suddly become soo big and exit …


Use spot directing to let her exit.
Just place her offscreen. :slight_smile:


@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y in T


Can you perhaps give me an example :pray:t2::pray:t2:


If you want your character on screen already:

@CHARACTER spot 0.574 297 350
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.574 -75 356 in 5 AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

If you want your character offscreen and just running across the scene
@CHARACTER spot 0.574 373 362
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.574 -75 356 in 5 AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

If you tell me which background you use I can help to get the right spots, but that’s just for a random background.



@CHARACTER spot 0.930 167 122
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.930 167 122 :slight_smile:


Omg thank you so much :blush: i’m using ext.brunswic home night

I really appreciate your help :pray:t2::blush::blush::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Where do you want your character to run?
On the way or next to the house?


I want her to run from left to right screaming and come back to the center running


Uh, okay. I will try, give me 5 minutes. :smiley:


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