How to walk where facing rear

like I want to make my character walk in a special spot slowly, how can I do that,
Can anyone help.

Add to your walking in #

You replace the # with a number, that number being the amount of seconds you want them to take to get there.

@CHARACTER walks to (spot code) in 2 AND CHARACTER does it while (rear walking animation)


Okay, can you show me how I can add # to the script, for an example

Where can I put the # ?

She means after your walking spot directing command you write the seconds.

Random example: @CHARACTER walks to spot 0.987 26 784 in zone 2 in 3 AND CHARACTER does it while (walk command)

Also, at the bottom of your script you have @BIANCA starts walk_neutral_loop_rear

This will mean she will just walk on the spot as theres no spot directing for her to walk to. Also, when someone walks rear, you have to get them to face the opposite direction that you want them to face for example, if they’re walking rear but facing right, you need to code it as facing left as it mirrors.

So e.g.

@BIANCA walks to spot (numbers here) in zone (whichever zone) in (however many seconds) AND BIANCA faces left AND BIANCA does it while walk_neutral_rear_loop

(If you want her to face left in rear, you would code it as faces right)


Thank you so much @calico.episode
I really appreciate and it’s helps alot

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