How to work PicMonkey

So, for those of you who don’t know, PicMonkey is this (I think amazing) website used for editing and such. I use it for EVERYTHING! Literally! All my covers, splashes, backgrounds- everything. Here are some of the things I’ve made using PicMonkey:

So here’s the bad part. PicMonkey is best if you use it’s premium. It’s about 7.99$ a month (US money). If you can’t pay that but you want to give it a try, PM me! I will gladly give you my account so you can use PicMonkey for free! Just message me :heart:

So for those who are already interested in this website, I’m going to give you all you need to know how to work the computer version of the app. Here we go!

When you open PicMonkey you are greeted with this screen:

Here you can choose between editing a photo (which I advise you do instead of touch up), touch up a photo, design a webpage I believe, and make a collage.
If you hover over each of them, you will come up with different options on how to retrieve your photo you’re wanting to edit. Like this:

So here is the page you’ll start off on:

Before I explain the website, I want to start off on the buttons in the upper left corner.
So let’s start with this one:
This button leads you where you can save it to the hub, which is a form of saving for PicMonkey. But this doesn’t save it to your computer. It saves it to your hub, which later on, you can access and edit. You know when you add overlays on top of a picture and once you save it you can no longer move the overlays around? If you save your posts to the hub, when you open them, you can still move the overlays around. It helps a lot!
Then there’s this button:
Here, you can open new photos from either your computer, your hub, your Facebook, templates (which is another perk of PicMonkey) and more.
This button:
Here you can share your artwork you’re currently on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and email.
Aaaaand this button:
This button enables you to save your artwork to your computer!
Now here are the tricks for the first page:

There’s the crop option:

Here is where you can crop out either a random or specific amount of the picture
The canvas color option:

This is where you can change the color of the canvas AND/OR make the canvas transparent, like this

The rotate option:

Here you can rotate and flip your canvas horizontally and vertically
The exposure option:

Here you can change the brightness, amount of highlight (light colors), amount of shadows (darker colors) and you can change the contrast of the photo
The color option:

Here you can change the temperature and saturation of your photo
The sharpness option:

Here you can change the sharpness and clarity of your photo
And finally, the resize option:

Here you can completely edit the size of the option. The picture was originally 500x500, but say I wanted to make a background for Episode, I would change it to 640x1136, as shown in the picture
Then there’s the effects page:

Here you can add effects to your photo like black and white com_%23edit and even make your photo softer com_%23edit
I advise you play around with this page to see what each effect does!

And there’s the touch up page:

Here you can do many things, like whiten your teeth com_%23edit and edit your eye color com_%23edit

Here’s the text page:

Here you can search through the many options of text fonts and add as many different text overlays as you wish. Simply click: com_%23edit and once the spot for the text is added, type whatever you wish and sift through the options of fonts. To change the font of a text, make sure you have clicked on the text. You know you’ve clicked on the text when this opens: if you look at that box, you can change many things about your text. Here, you can edit the size, change the color of the font, edit the blended format of the text, delete it, flip it horizontally, flip it vertically, edit the transparency, and if you click on “effects”, you can add cool things like a drop shadow and make the text circular

Then there’s the overlay page:

Here, you can add either many of the overlay options they give you, or you can add your own by clicking this button:com_%23edit
If you’re wanting say a butterfly overlay, look for a picture that has a transparent background, like this:
Save the photo and add it, and it’ll look like this

If you look on the box that opened, you can change the overall color of the overlay, change the transparency, delete it, flip it vertically and horizontally, along with replacing it. If you click the “eraser” button, you are given a circular tool and this box will open up:

Here, you can change the size of the tool, the hardness of the tool, and which tool you want to use. There are two options. Eraser and painter. The eraser removes of whatever part of the overlay you drag the tool over while the painter refills whatever you erased. If you need an undo or redo, the box at the bottom of your screen holds that option
There’s the frames page:

Here you can add many different frames and borders around your photo
Then there’s the textures page, a very interesting area:

Here you can add either their or your own textures to your photo. You can make it look like crumpled paper or like water droplets. If you add your own, however, you click on this option:com_%23edit
When you click on it, this opens:

So now, you can look for your own texture. Here’s an example of a photo I looked up for a texture
When I added it to the photo, here is the outcome:
In the bar to the left, you can change the saturation of the texture on the canvas, change the transparency of it, and even move it around. The second box that’s is more to the right is the paint brush. There, you can erase the texture and refill what you erased.

Finally is the theme page:

I don’t really mess with this page I find it kind of useless. Basically, if you click on a “theme” it’ll give you a bunch of effects, text fonts, overlays, ect that match the theme. Like the theme names school will have text fonts that looks like handwriting, ect.

But the last thing is “design” but I’ve never messed with that- so I have no idea what it is.

But that’s that!

Thank you for checking this out! I hope this helped :smile:

Message me if there’s any confusion or if you want my account details- I got you!

Abygail :gift_heart:


Yes i love picmonkey. I use this to sometimes. Very good editing website and app.