How to write a cliche story?

What are the main ingredients for a successful cliche story?
I’m writing a cliche story but with my own spin and I need some pointers haha…
Thanks in advance x


First off for some people you write it think its trash and trash it :joy:

  • Bad boys. Very important.
  • Teen pregnancy. Also, make abortion look bad.
  • Makeovers
  • Your protagonist is often weak
  • Mean girls
  • Blonde curly haired, jealous and crazy mean girl
  • Lack of diversity
  • Stereotypical gay best friend
  • It must take place in high school
  • Your protagonist has to have a relationship with an older man!

I could go on! They’re amazing!1!!!


:joy: :rofl:
It’s for ironys sake x


A “sexy” bad boy who treats the Mc like shit bacause he had a difficult past
A makeover for the MC so she could get noticed
The queen bee (full pink lips, blond wavy hair, blond curly hair or blond straight, blue eyes) and her minions(one black with a horrific sense of fashion and a white one also don’t forget the ashy lips for the black minion :persevere:)
Another love interest who is the sweetest little boy in the world (don’t make the MC end up with him but make her date him :wink:)
A gay best friend who also happens to be a POC and speaks a language that isn’t really English
Oh thd bad boy has a bike and smokes his issues away also don’t forget all the girls falling for him :hugs:
The queen bee and her minions aren’t dumb and they don’t wear short clothes? (WHAT CLICHÉ IS THAT? :upside_down_face:


I’m British and I’m looking to put a British spin on it haha… x

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Plus I want to make it as ironic as possible x

token colored person who has no personality or development, the MC has brown beach waves, the MC finds a guy who’s a total gentleman and overlooks him for the bad boy with 2 misogynist friends.

Oh and there’s also a mean girl who is so annoying to read about that you eventually stop reading and forget about it


Maybe for a British spin - maybe the popular mean girl could be a chav? :rofl::joy:

Also, it would be great to see a normal character navigate a cliche high school and see how she copes. It would help heighten how silly some cliches can be.

You could have a very handsome teacher, a gangster bad boy, a roadman, a posho, go wild!


This is an essential ingredient: make sure your MC gets kidnapped at some point in the story… or have her have a really harrowing and out of place background of abuse.

Sprinkle in a few unnecessarily sexual scenes and lots of random dialogue which doesn’t quite make sense.

An epilogue which flashes forward to a wedding.

Make MC special for no reason and make her loved by all the guys… except the bad boy she’s had a crush on for years.

You can’t EVER make her interested in nice guys. They’re all gay, ugly or weak, after all.

Her parents can’t be both alive and together. They either need to be divorced or widowed.

The Bad Boy has to be really mean to her and then give a really lame excuse which makes no sense whatsoever.

Drama, drama, drama. He can’t be mean because he doesn’t know how to control his emotions. He has to be the reason her mother is dead or she has to be in danger and he can’t tell her that she is.

Her looks are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. Make her lose weight before the start of the story or have a makeover and SUDDENLY everyone loves her.

LI has to be rich and mean to protect MC… after he’s been mean for no reason… Also has to smoke and be a womaniser. Wears a leather jacket.

Recommended reading:

  • In my Bed
  • Twilight
  • Tangled Love
  • Troublemaker
  • It Starts With a Bra

You have made the perfect recipe for a cliche courtesy of Chef Shanni :ok_hand:t5:


I read this story a few months ago and I loved it! It’s such a laugh to read… My favourite part was the “Forever 21” scene haha… :grin:

:wink: I’m sure I can make a Featured Story Fudge Cake recipe sometime soon!


Something else you could add is the stereotypical non-white best friend who happens to be an expert on love, dating and makeovers and never has any purpose aside from helping the MC. She often screams “OMG!” “Bestie!” or “He’s HAWT!”


will read this after class today! looks pretty funny :joy::joy:

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First, have your main character be late to school but takes them 10 minutes to get ready. Have your character become a stalker of the bad boy. Have the bad boy cheat on the main character but they still stay together. Then have the bad boy get the mc pregnant then he doesn’t take care of the baby. Then have the mc fall for her gang leader teacher. :clap:t5::ok_hand:t5: