How to write a cliche story!

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Have you ever wondered how to write a very cliche story that will reach 3436142000 million reads and also get featured? Have you tried to write one but it has been so hard to ya? Well then here are some advices that will help you do so, let’s see…

  • Always add a bad boy and a golden boy (if you make him abusive u get extra reads)

In a cliche story the badboy is always there (who is a douche) in da leather jacket and his cigarette waiting for ya to fall in “love”. But don’t rush to that part yet, make him hate her and be rude to her. Then there is the golden boy with the heart of gold (ya get it? :rofl:) and he represents the good boy but the mc is problematic and wants the badboy (stubborn ik) and BOOM there is a love triangle!!

  • Add a mean girl as well

Always add that mean girl with the bold curls and full lips (yeah as u noticed she and the MC have a competition who has the perfect full lips) and she is with her minions but instead of yellow they are pink and blue. (cliche idea by @Emoji_is_life)

  • Always make the MC be late to school and fall off the bed

  • Make the mc with the same generic features (and being “the chosen one” extra reads as well)

This is important: Always make the MC have beach wave/staight hair and upturned feline violet eyes and full lips colored, oval face and upturned nose. That way the badboy will choose her to be her gf but first he bullies her so he doesn’t seem easy (tiring ik)

  • MC is never like other girls

This is the most important: The MC should never be like other girls, she needs to be special, hence why the violet eyes are needed. Make he be rude to the badboy so he notices that she is special (cliche idea by @Minoesje)

  • Have the MC walk in on the badboy making ou with the meanie girl

This is where the drama is, make sure the character walks in on the love interest making out. Make sure they don’t talk at all, if you let the characters talk, then there is no drama. Make sure the LI says “i dIdN’t KiSs HeR sHe KisSeD mE” and make sure the rain falls right at the moment the MC runs away. The after hopeless begging the bestie tricks the MC to go to a set local and BAM love (cliche idea by @MG_789)

  • Don’t make the MC and LI have parents

This is also important: The badboy should never have parents and instead have a tragic past so he can be rude because of his past (and thats why he rudee to the MC) or else it won’t have the cliche effect.

  • Make the MC’s best friend have no life

That’s right, the BFF should be a plain character (but add “the party girl” personality) who also has crush on ze badboy’s BFF and always ships the MC with the badboy

  • Add a stereotypcal gay best friend

This is important: Always add the second BFF who is gay but stereotypical who wears girly clothes
( cliche idea by @anon54207210)

  • Add choices that don’t matter

This matters in a cliche story for example there issa party and the BFF with no life try to pursuade the MC go ze badboy’s party and add choice

Should i go the party?
Yes means yes and No means yes again!! So BOOM ya still go to the party!!

  • Always make the MC be a damsel in distress

MC should always have the badboy for help, yes. For example at the party she goes outside and there is a kidnapper but the badboy is there (without a white horse tho but a cigarette, twist it a little)

  • Add pregnancy as well!!

  • Also make the teacher be a LI with the same generic features as well (by @irishpotato)

  • Make the MC be careless like when she is in love with the teacher and says *ik it’s wrong but im in love (by @xXMagicalUnicornXx)

  • Last but not least: Plot twist The badboy is a gang leader who is also a vampire, BOOM!!

Hope this helped, follow these cliche steps and episode will notice you among all the other cliche stories and you will get featured


Here are some cliche example stories:

  • Pregnant by my stepbrother/gang leader/boss/badboy/vampire/werewolf/dog/cat/alligator
  • Slave to the vampire
  • Falling for the badboy/teacher/vampire/wolf/cat
  • Mated to a werewolf/vampire/dog/hybrid

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Don’t forget to add a mean girl who has no depth


oh yeah forgot about that because the mean girl has no depth lol :rofl:


U forgot the stereotypical gay best friend. :hugs::love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:


Whoops how could i , dis is important as well :sweat_smile::rofl:

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Yeeyee. Make them wear florals and lipstick and constantly, for nuu reason, yell: “I’M GAYYYY!!”


You also forgot the hot male teacher who will most likely to sleep with the MC

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You forgot that the mc must repeatedly say “I know it’s wrong, but I’m in love” at least 20 times in each episode.


*Make sure your character walks in on the love interest making out. MAKE SURE THEY DON’T TALK AT ALL. If you let the characters talk, then there is no drama. MAKE SURE that the love interest says “I dIdN’t KiSs HeR sHe KiSsEd Me” make sure the rain falls right at the moment the MC runs away. The after hopeless begging the bestie tricks the MC to go to a set local and BAM love *




I wanna read a falling for the bad cat story X"DDDDDDDDDDDD


Lmao now u’ve inspired me to write a cliche story for fun tHo :joy:


Yass go do that, i wrote one too :rofl:


The MC is never like other girls

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make those minions always extreemly stupid and make sure that they serve no perpose other then praise the mean girl


Also, add a hopeless teacher that always says “tHeY dOn’T pAy Me eNoUgH fOr ThIs ShIT”

And a pointless slut character that hops around with a lot bois/girls after she/he dumps them and somehow encounters the MC by flirting with them :rofl:



What that mouth do? :wink: :rofl:


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