How to write a clue-filled mystery story?

I. need. help. I am trying to write a mystery story and have slightly begun but have no idea on how to continue the story and what clues to add and what to add to the story line. Any suggestions and help would be really appreciated!:heart:

It depends on the type of mystery you’re writing… for example if there was a break in you could have the reader explore the entry for clues eg if they broke a window they may have left a bit of fabric, or maybe they cut themselves on the glass and left a trace of blood.

Leave clues as to why someone may have motive eg revenge, money, blackmail ect.

What type of mystery are you thinking

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I’m currently working on a scene in which they’re looking for clues to look for a missing child. So far I’ve added a note which is a very important clue in the story and could lead to the next. My mystery is a kidnapping mystery, readers are trying to find out where the child is but I want it to be tricky and for the reader to think about.:wink: But since I’m not the smartest person around I’m not sure how to do that and what to add.:pensive:


I see :slight_smile: ok so how about how the child is kidnapped eg. If they were taken by car perhaps there are tire tracks left behind which could give a clue as to which direction they went and what type of tires to look for.

If they were taken by foot then maybe look for some footprints which could later be analysed to match footwear. Mayber thw kidnapper leaves something behind eg a hat? They could find a certain brand of hat thwy wore and then go to the shop to ask questions on if they could recognise who brought it.


Oh wow that’s a great idea! I’ll definitely be using these to shape the plot thank you so much.:heart:

Glad I was some help :wink: drop me a pm if you want some help. I’ll try my best reply quick but I do work a lot so I may not reply the same day xx

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I will be most definitely!

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I’m sure you can ask @amberose she’s written one of the best mystery stories on the app and I’m certain she has knowledge to share


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