How to write a good description?

Hey! Does anybody have tips on how to write a good description? :slight_smile:


You could check out @Anna_Marie’s thread

She helps authors form a story description:


Avoid hard words.

Your description should not be about the entire story but more the first 3 chapters.

Dont be wage, a wage mysterious description Sound cool, but readers pass on it because they got no idea what the story is about. And most people wanna know what they are opening.

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A good description should interest the readers without giving away too much, but still explaining the overral idea of the story. Try avoiding cliches like “will she resist his charms?” or “will she find out the truth?” because you literally see those in 5 out of 10 stories and at least for me, I’ll pass right away if I read that. I suggest finding the key points of your story and what you want you want to communicate to the readers and summarize that in a way that will call their attention. I’d advise against being too vague otherwise your description will sound too general and no one will know the exact plot of the story.


Yes! This is on point.

Thanks for promoting my thread! :heartpulse:

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Here’s some tips that I use when writing a story description, hope this helps!

  • first use a good hook ending such as “Will you survive?” or “Can you save them, or die trying?”
  • keep it short, don’t write the entire book in the description. just use a sentence or two
  • write a catch-me start: some people ask a question, others make a broad statement
  • choose active voice and vivid words

Happy reading,
Stella C

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