How to write a good love triangle and what to avoid?

How do you write a good love triangle?
I asked if anyone would read my story idea involving 2 LI but I couldn’t decide which one and they asked to make it into a love triangle so the reader can choose
I used to love reading love triangles but some of them drove me absolutely crazy so now I just read love stories with one LI
How do you write a good one? Or what to avoid?
What I’ve noticed that I don’t like in love triangles:

When the author forces you to go on a date with the one you don’t want. No, I want to choose who Im with
When the MC seems to like all the attention shes getting and starts playing mind games on them. What 2 people would allow such a thing after a while?
When the LI’s are overly perfect with no flaws. No one is perfect
When there’s a point system but its never followed cant tell you how many times I constantly turn down the other option and he keeps asking me out or professing his love.
When the whole story is going back and forth between the 2 until the last chapter when you choose and then its a bunch of flash forwards into their future. This drives me up a wall
When there’s constant drama, love should have its ups and downs


This thread has a lot of good tips, and it shows how to handle love triangles in stories.


thank you :slight_smile: I guess I didnt see it when I searched love triangle threads

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It’s not entirely a love triangle thread, but I think Cookies did a good way of explaining it. It brings up a lot of questions like does the MC really have to like both of LIs? Or maybe she’s seeking to gain something from them. It reminds me of The Kiss by Kate Chopin where the main character wants to get money through marrying a rich man, but she enjoys fooling around with another guy. You can’t have the best of both worlds, so one thing won’t last forever.

a good tip dont favourite, that is a thing authors on episode often do with multiple love interest, they favor one, which means MC almost got stuck with that guy

also I do recommend having and ending through choices where MC can pick not to end with any of them.
maybe also one where the guys realise nah this girl is not worth it,

I’m late, but I do have some tips:
If you’re going to have two LI’s, you need to give each character equal time. SO MANY stories focus like 5 chapters on one LI, and then the next 5 on the other, and so on. DON"T DO THAT! It annoys people so much, plus if someone doesn’t like one LI, you’re losing readers as they would get bored.
Do not favorite LI’s
Some authors clearly favorite one, and usually that’s the one I don’t like, so let readers choose!

Don’t have one Bad boy and good boy. That’s just no. Bc the bad boy is going to be “smoking hot” but something tragic happened to him so you find out he’s deeper and everything-NOPE! That’s overused WAY too often.