How to: Write A Male's POV?

I am currently writing a story that features both male and female point of views. Seeing as I am not a male, I am having a hard time writing the perspective of my male MC. I’m trying to figure out:

  1. Why they would be drinking at a night club
  2. What guys really talk about during a night out
  3. Why would they get mad during a night out\

If any one could help me, I would be really grateful!


I think a guy would definitely drink a beer of some sort, or maybe a vodka tonic/ scotch?

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Hi! I’m also working on a story that switches between my male and female MC point of views (and I’m also not a guy lol). I happen to watch a lot of shows and movies that are generally centered around males, so I think it helps to think back and use those as a reference, I guess? I also like to do minimal research, like what do guys like to drink, what do they wear for a night out, stuff like that. To answer your list of questions:

1.) It would really depend on the character. Everybody has different tastes, as should your characters. Maybe one likes beer but another likes whiskey. You have to figure that out for yourself. Think how your character would.
2.) I can’t answer this in great detail, as I’m not a guy, but like I said, referring to shows and movies that have scenes like this can be helpful (at least, it’s helpful for me). Maybe they’d be talking about their girlfriends (or boyfriends), their issues that have come up during the day or the past week. Jobs, cars, movies. “Guy stuff”, I guess. Men don’t really talk about what women talk about (as we talk about pretty much anything and everything, at least, me and my friends do, lol).
3.) Again, this really depends on the character. Do they have a bad temper? Do minor incidents, like a spilled drink or a broken glass piss them off? Or are they the calm type? If someone spilled they’re drink on them, maybe they’d go to the bathroom and quickly clean up, or just accept the offender’s apology and continue with their night.

Sorry this is so long lol. Hope it helped! :slight_smile:


There is no set way man acts so there are a multitude of perspectives you can write him in. He could be at the bar because he and his husband/wife had an argument. Or maybe his first crochet class meeting didn’t go so well because he got roasted by the elderly that attended. Or maybe because he was just bored and wanted a fun night out with his friends who he hasn’t seen in a while.

Men can talk just about anything really. There may be slight differences upon what exactly the topic can evolve to compared to a group full of women (example: it’d be weird if guys were suddenly talking deeply about giving birth or having menstruation cycles UNLESS you have a transgender male(s) within the group circle then it could possibly be brought up and discussed on deeper levels) but otherwise it could be about anything from the stereotypical sports topic, to talking about their families, planning a friend getaway trip, or them reminiscing about their high school days.

As for getting mad during a night out that depends on what kind of person they are what gets them personally riled up. It may be easier to create conflict for one personality type than another.

All in all just…please make them human.


I’m not a male, but I’ll answer the following based on what my boyfriend thinks and does…

Mostly out of boredom, since there’s nothing better to do. Or because someone texted and said “wanna do something tonight” or because he’s being dragged out for a birthday or event of some sort. But in saying that I feel like the age of your character could change this, as well as their personality.

Literally anything. Lol. This one probably depends on who your character is talking to though. If they’re close friends, they probably talk about more personal stuff. My bf and his friends mostly talk about motorbikes, me (duh) or work. They only ever really talk about sex when I’m around because I have no shame and ask them about it :rofl:

Totally depends on the company your character has and their own personality. Most guys I know are pretty chill and don’t let things get to them. But my friend dated this one guy who got pissed off at almost everything, just people looking at him the wrong way would set him off. I feel like my own bf has only gotten mad on a night out when he’s already been in a bad mood prior to heading out though. Like if he’s being dragged to a birthday party he didn’t want to go to, then there’s guaranteed to be something that makes him mad when he’s out

Honestly, since there’s so many variables with these questions, just focus on them as a character, and don’t stress too much about how they are a male.


I completely agree with @XxAlphaBetaxX and @amberose, guys really talk about anything, the difference is not in what they talk about but maybe in the “how”. For example they will make comments if an attractive girl shows up in the club, but they won’t say “Aww she’s so cute!”, they will rather say “Damn, she is so hot.” The only theme I would avoid besides the obvious girly things is that they don’t really talk about their looks. They don’t say: “Dude, your shirt is so cute”, or “Do you think my butt looks big in this?” lol. Many of them are concerned about their looks, but I’ve never heard guys actually discussing this with each other.

And yes, they really don’t need a reason to get a drink in a bar, especially if it’s their friend who invited them to hang out.

As for what makes them mad: it depends on their personality, but most guys I know will get mad if someone hits on their girlfriend in a public place.

  1. Maybe to get his mind of something?
  2. They could talk about anything , from hookups to deep talks
  3. Maybe if the night ends rough or if it doesn’t turn out the way they want?

I feel like this all depends on the type of guy it is, bc not all guys are the same. So maybe you can ask a male friend or brother , family member or someone to understand them better! Hope this helps! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much, and I think I have it figured out now!:blush:

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Yay!! Anytime :two_hearts:

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