How to write a reaction if you have no idea what to write

Let’s say you have a line of dialog, but you don’t know how to make character react?

Well, how about instead of that, you let your readers pick?

You can make a type-in choice where the reader can type in an answer for you!
However, you will have to think of responses, Like if your reader is angry and mean to the other character in a situation where the reader should be happy and sweet, it isn’t going to make sense when the other characters act like your reader was kind to them. So, if you can, pick a bunch of most commonly used phrases, sayings, and words for the characters to react to, and also some pet-peeves for the other person in your story.

Let’s say Jack hates it when people say the word: “Bitch.”

If they type it in, Jack can have a negative response to it.


“Can’t you pick a better word to say?”

Which is also another helper for writer’s block, giving your characters pet-peeves, and personalities can help you write them.

You can also type in choices where you write down how your reader will react in the situation that the MC is in, how you think you would


…And then how your character (Requires your character’s personality to be made, always make sure to make their personalities, first.) would react in that situation.

That may also lead to other things, like a “True Ending.”

What is a “True Ending?”

“The True End, the primary plot ending of a game that has multiple endings.”

It is like if you made this story in a movie instead of a game, or if your story had only one ending, the ending that you choose to be the “True Ending” is the ending what would happen in the end of the movie, instead of all the others, all of which, wouldn’t exist.

In the game, your character may choose to respond


Then you, or most of the readers, and then the choice that is how the MC would react is a choice that would most-likely (Or most-definitely) lead to the true ending. (This if your story is heavily based on your character’s actions)
True endings can be unlocked and used in your story as much as you please, you can even choose true happenings

Events in the game that would’ve happened in a movie version of the game, real life, or if your choices had no effect.

The reader’s choices (a choice that you think, or would actually happen) would lead to a different ending, and differant reactions.

Watching movies can also help you to lose writer’s block, and etc.

Or watchin’ a movie trailer. Happens to me all the time. I mostly get ideas by watching trailers, and such. X’D


I’m done. I hate this post, already. Goodbye!!!

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This is rly helpful!