How to write a story?

I’ve heard and read posts about successful or famous authors saying that we shouldn’t think about the readers’ enjoyment while creating a story, we should think of our own. But whenever I write any part of my story, I start thinking whether readers’ would like it or not. I mean what if majority doesn’t like what I write. Ik there Will be critics and I totally accept them, but what if only one or two out of a hundred actually say that they like what and how I write? Should I Really only think about how I want the story to proceed? What if the story becomes a big fail?
I dunno anymore… That’s why I made a post about this here, I need some suggestions and advice. So, if you guys can help then please do… Thank you for hearing me out :slight_smile:


I believe that when you write a story, you do it firstly because you enjoy bringing your characters to life.
If the writer doesn’t like what they’re doing, then the readers will feel it while reading. So you should write something because you like it, and then people will understand why you like that and support you.

this shouldn’t be said, but obviously writing without disrespecting anyone


I do the same thing everytime I am writing my story heartbreaker to lovers and I am doing a scene that I really wanna do I keep on thinking if people are actually gonna like it or not or only some people will actually like it, I am all for honest opinions and I am just a small writer for now but it’s always made me think if people actually read my story would they like the scene I have put in sometimes even I delete that scene and put something else because I know readers wouldn’t maybe like the scene,

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Thank You so much for your time and advice. I’ll keep that in mind. And obviously yes, writing without disrespecting anyone comes without said. :blush:

YESS!! We’re So on the Same Page!! :pleading_face:

It’s like do I release it nah nah, then I just delete it

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