How to write an Amazing Slow Burn 😍 Romance ** Part One** By Lana Augustine

So you want to write a :couple_with_heart_woman_man: Romantic Slow Burn right? :thinking:

:persevere:But you don’t really know where to start!

And maybe you’re scared :fearful: it’s going to be a big steaming pile of :wink: cheesy cliches!
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t6: Well, don’t Sis! :pray:t6: worry Im going to help you fix all of that!
This is how I write my Realistic Slow Burn Romance.
Let’s do this! :clap:t6::fist:t6:

First what I need you to do is:
Write out the first three episodes. I don’t mean use the Writer Portal either!
If you have a laptop (Which most of you do) open up a google doc and write out your just your story name and a short summary.

The Slow Burn:

Hey, Lana how to make my story a Slow Burner?
A Slow burn romance is something that happens gradually. Its as it says SLOW! Meaning the two M.c’s don’t fall for each other right away! With an S.B you have to take your time and really plan this out.
If you rush the mushy stuff, if it comes on too quick.
This will also cause people to get bored of your story.
Keep FAR away from predictability!
The fun is in the chase, people. Remeber that!
This is the most important thing you’re ever going to hear so listen up!
Ask yourself these question like:

  1. Make the first meeting/interactions

  • Memorable! Memorable! “Thinking about Titanic scene where Rose was going to jump off the boat and Jack saved her” Cliche but it so memorable! “IM THE KING OF THE WORLD!”
  • How do they meet?
  1. Are they friends/enemies/ strangers?

  • This allows more room for growth and character development this also great for the Tension!
  1. Give them Similar Backgrounds/Common Interests

*Give your M.c’s some common ground so they can bond and develop an understanding of each other. Make it different. Keep away from cliche troops like the dark and brooding bad boy has a dark mysterious pass or Mary sue is a damsel in distress and needs saving! CLICHES ARE BORING!

  1. Complimentary Personalities
    *Maybe you don’t want to go with #3 and you want them to be opposites! Opposites attract flies to flypaper! Maybe Mary Sue is always angry and John Doe is patient. (See how I did a role reversal.) Or maybe John Doe is a shy nerd while Mary Sue is the optimistic Mean girl with a chip on her shoulder.

  2. Taking Care/ Protective of Each Other

*Give your love interests opportunities to see to each others’ needs, or to put the others’ needs before their own. Give Mary Sure and John Doe opportunities to defend each other against danger, or to stand up for each other in a social situation.

There’s so much I can say when it comes to Slow burn and I can go on and on all day about it but I have things to do!

So Im going to leave Part one with this:

Develop a relationship with your characters that’s authentic and deep to make readers swoon. - ink_and_quills




I know this might be a lot to ask… but I’m really bad at the slow burn thing and coming up with ideas… is it maybe ok if you can help me a little with my story? :sweat_smile: I understand if you don’t want to or don’t have the time, but I would really really appreciate the help!


Of course Im not busy at the moment I would be happy to help!
~ :kissing_cat: Lana Augustine


Yes thank you!!!

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Bump of encourgment!

I love it! Great tips!

Heyy I am currently writing a story and I wanted to know it’s not to cliché!
I don’t know if you want it but if you want it could I (or you) pm you? :smile:

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Thank you!
~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:

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Always open to pms hun :smile_cat:!

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


I kinda want a little tip/feedback. I’m writing a story where the leads had been childhood friends, yet they lost touch. Pacing-wise, I’m planning for them to meet again as a cliffhanger at the 2nd chapter. First chapter’s kind of like exposition for the MC. What do you think?

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Hi @ParkLow_G

Why do they lose touch? Did one move away, or have a secret that forced them to leave. I do think it a good idea if its done right. But it all depends on how they meet and what leads up to the meeting.

You should plan and write a small script putting yourself in the M.C’s shoes and ask your self. What would I do/say/react to this situation? Then ask yourself why.

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Thanks for replying and the advice!

Without spoiling too much, the two were childhood friends in Japan (MC moved there from the US). They both had a couple of internal struggles, somehow culminating in a drunken late-night make-out session. Though afterwards, it wasn’t resolved by the time MC moved back to the US. Anyways, throughout the story there would be some flashbacks from their childhood, with MC being guilt-ridden in the beginning and wanting to do anything to make up with his friend.

I would have to story showing M.c and all her fails realtionships and friends and why they didnt work. You really want her to dig deep into her mind and what she things about the guys/friends. Maybe she always compare them to Love-interest. You want to build up the moment of them meeting. But you also want it to be realistic you want it be packed of drama but then you want to bring it down and you want its transitions to feel write to you.

Don’t rush the meeting even if it takes 3 episodes to get to it’ll be worth.

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Again, thanks! If if need further help, can I PM you?

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I am currently trying to write a slow burner can i pm you and you give me some honest feedback and maybe some suggestions?

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This is awesome :sunglasses:


Gonna bump a gorgeous thread. SLOW BURN ROMANCE ALLL THE WAY :sparkling_heart::+1:t5:

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