How to write an enjoyable vampire story?

Hey everyone! I am a new author that is currently planning my first story!

Here’s what I have so far:
The MC is an 18 year old female. It is the summer after her high school graduation but before her freshman year of college. However, her life suddenly changes after she gets into a car accident. She would have died that night if it wasn’t for the stranger that turned her into a vampire instead of letting her perish.

The story will revolve around the MC’s new life as a vampire. I want the MC to have a supernatural ability as well. The main plot I was thinking is that she is taken to a big city with her new vampire master guy (Sorry not sure on the term for this? Anyways he’s the guy that turned her to save her life.) They join up with his coven. The problem is that there is another coven that resides in the other half of the city. The leader of this other coven discovers your ability and tries to recruit you.

I know that vampires are quite overdone, but I really like this idea. Any tips on how to make this a story that you would want to read?


Sounds great so far!

Maybe she gets misses home?

She has to take Vampire school and gets a GED by day, and does normal stuff by night?

She’s one of the youngest Vampires?

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Ooooh thanks! I do plan on trying to include some stuff with her family and human life. But I love the idea of the vampire school and the youngest vampire! I think she will be the newest/youngest vampire in the coven.

Great! Love it!

I personally suggest adding comedic misunderstandings reguardless of your genre. As long as it makes sense with the flow and tone of the story, small comedic moments can often add to it.
Some of these could include:
If she has powers she needs to learn how to use them. Lots of things could go pretty horribly wrong there and her struggling to figure this out will seem more realistic than “and then she suddenly had complete mastery over all her new found abilities.”

A similar idea to that of before, she has to learn to deal with any down sides. If you’re going for classics such as sunlight burning her, garlic aversion/allergy, etc. There are several things she could forget or things that could go wrong here along with several ways she could mess up.

I’m assuming vampires probably have some customs or social expectations humans don’t. A simple misunderstanding could end up pretty enjoyable reguardless of how it’s played.

My other reccomendation is basically where I think any issues may arise, I highly suggest making points of differences between vampires and humans and having the MC struggle with some of these.
Not everything has to be a struggle, but if some things are it adds just that little bit more of depth.
I also reccomend you consider how she would do mentally with all of this. My main grudge from vampire things is that they tend to take themselves too serious at all times, have the MC just easily figure everything out, and have the MC be completely mentally ok with everything.
I think that the idea of her being homesick is great and also something to consider is if her morals are at all brought into question as she’s now a vampire.

I think the main thing to do is simply:
Recognize that your character will struggle with some things, add depth, and think about how things would affect her.
Also a general world suggestion is giving vampires their own history even if you never mention it in the story as it may help add depth to the world as well.

These are all just suggestions and I hope they all made sense haha. You don’t have to do any of this if you don’t want to. Good luck with your story!

Also this and this are both semi related and it goes along with the idea of her having issues with things :slight_smile:

If you’re not comfortable writing vampire master, vampire mentor can work, too (someone who acts as an adviser)
And as long as she doesn’t sparkle, then the story is awesome!

Sorry…that was a joke…maybe…

Anyway some tips:

-Write up a list of characters you have in mind and what their personalities are.
-Before you start, have your plot sorted out (What will happen in this story?)
-As a bonus, you can include overlays to show her supernatural ability (in my opinion, overlays are not necessary for a story), besides if you give her super speed, no need for one.
-Perhaps have limited customization?
-She can become a bat and the sunlight will burn her if she steps out into it?
-Also during the day she’s taking cover somewhere else but during the night she’s dealing with problems that arise in the city and dealing with other vampires who want to recruit her.
-As a side plot, she wants to visit her family to tell them she’s alive, but she’s worried they will consider her a monster and their reactions will be of horror.

This is all I have for now. If I get more ideas, I’ll let you know but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you’re story will go and take your readers on an adventure!

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Thank you so much for this!! It really got me thinking of ways to have her struggle with this. I’m also super excited to work on some ‘comedic misunderstandings’ as you put it. Also, I absolutely loved those images :joy::joy::joy:

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Thank you as well for the input! I hadn’t really thought of developing all the characters, but I made a template to use for them all. I think a side plot involving her family would be really interesting!

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