How to write an episode faster step by step


Writing an episode can be very difficult sometimes. For some people it’s hard to concentrate and be focused on the script all the time. I found a way to keep my mind on the script and now I can finish an episode way faster. That’s why I decided to share my steps for easier writing in the script. I hope they will help you the way they helped me.

So the first step is to make an outline of the whole episode in your notebook. There are many ways to do so but here is mine:
* In the beginning I make an In this episode section. In it I write the most important things I want to add in this episode
* For the dialogs I write the character’s name in capital letters like this JENNY- Example
For the actions I do it like this: (Jenny goes to her bedroom and locks the door).
That’s pretty much about the outline.
It will look something like this:

The second step is to write the dialogues, exit/ enter/ stand commands in the script. For the more complicated commands like spot directing use the # notes.

Step three: fix all the # notes/ replace them with the commands

Step four: spot direct and branch

Step five: add and animate overlays

Step six: add animations

Step seven: add sound, text effects, filters etc

Step eight: spot direct the speech bubbles

Step nine: add zooms

Step ten: preview and edit the errors and mistakes (if you have any)

And then is the easiest part- Publish!

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Thanks! Although I do something much different and it actually helps me and MY writing MUCH better. But I support this.!


Also a lil’ tip, carry around a notebook, just in case you get ideas thru out the day.


Yeah, I do that.


You can share it here to help other authors if you want


So make a thread about it?




Oh, okay! Also thanks for this tip!


You are very wellcome


I do the same thing by listing all major plot points then I use highlighters and sticky tape to decode the notes even further. Here’s a brief guideline of what I do.

Yellow: New Characters
Blue: New Scene Starts
Pink: Romance Scenes (And Dark Pink and Light Pink for the different Love interests)
Green: Choices
Red: Stuff I have to create like specific Backgrounds and Overlays
Orange: Places where I’m including dressing games

This system helps me a lot and I hope this inspires you to include a color coded system as well. :grin:


That’s a great idea! I think i will use it as well. Thanks for sharing


Thank you Afra for this, it really gave me a boost for how to make sure one area of my stories -#cough#romance scenes#cough# doesn’t outnumber the others,
Previously I’ve only used three colors. Yellow for things I’m going to use but needs a fix me up, green for what I’ already put into code and red for things that I’ve disgarded. But more colors it is!



Glad it helped you! :grin:


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