How to write in different languages?

I’m trying to write greek on my script, but it just shows up as blank? Does anyone know how to allow other languages in the script besides english?

The greek is purely for aesthetics to the story.

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If the text had accents or any special characters then it won’t show in the episode because the script doesn’t support them :confused:


In google translate it will write out a simpler version on the bottom. , just take away the accents I guess?


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i was just doing that haha, i suppose i can do that. I thought with episode i could write an really awesome story, but theres actually so much restrictions oof

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you can upload your own overlay of words in a speech bubble you got online

like, go to a paint software, make sure that it can give out tranparent pngs, like Krita or Paint.NET

save it on the speech bubble after typing or coping and pasting it in and then upload the bubble into the portal.

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