🔸 How to write Mexican/Hispanic characters 🔸

Hello There!
So you want to make a Mexican character, but you are not Mexican and need some tips, here is a guide, by yours truly!

1: Our Religion
Christiany and Catholic are teh most common religions in Mexico and Mexican families. Some of us have pictures of Jesus in a wall, some of us have little shrines, and some of us just have a cross in our house.
Praying is something we do a lot. A type of prayer I do before going to sleep, or saying goodbye to someone, is “En el nombre del padre, del hijo, y del espiritu santo, amen”. Some families pray before eating. In Dia del Muerto, we pray. Not all of us have ofrendas, but we do get Pan de Muerto. Another holiday we do is Los Reyes Magos. Basically in January 6, We get a special holiday bread with baby jesus figures inside. Whoever gets the piece of bread with a baby jesus has to bring tamales on Feburary 2nd.

2: Our appearance
I know that this is a hard pill to swallow, but, not every mexican has dark skin. This is coming from a pale mexican. My family is mostly light skinned, but we are 100% mexican. We can have blue eyes, blond hair, light skin, and be 100% mexican. Mexicans are very diverse, some of us are even born with East Asian features.

3: When do we speak spanish?
We usually speak Spanish in our house, or in family gatherings, or just anywhere with people who speak spanish. We don’t go up to someone who doesn’t speak spanish and say “Hola, que honda, mi amigo!”, We talk in english to people who only speak english. But we do think in spanish sometimes, depends how and where you grew up.

4: Avoid Stereotypes.
If you want to make a Latin character, please avoid the following stereotypes.

  • The Sexual Latina trope. You don’t know how many stories or movies or just tv shows in general have the latinx character a person who does the thing to everyone they see. Not all of us are like that. Liek me for example, I am the artist who would rather watch anime and chill then hook up with some dude.

  • The Poor Mexican stereotype. God, this one really pisses me off. There are many mexicans who are very wealthy, not all of us live in a cheap dirty house and can barely afford clothes.

  • The Gang/Drug Dealer Mexican Stereotype. Many stories have gang members or drug dealers mexican, or have spanish names, and I honestly don’t understand why. There are people like that in every country and ethnicity, not just latins.

5: Give the character a personality
Thsi goes to every character of any ethnicity. For example, people think that being Asian is a personality, it’s not. All of us humans are diverse and complex, we are all different, and we each have our own personality. Being a certain ethnicity is not all we do, we like other things too.

Good Luck, Fellow episodians <3


Wow, this really helped me! <3

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I don’t think you’re blowing anyone’s mind with this one, babe. Western media and even our own film and television industry is hyper focused on Latinx people with the lightest skin and most Eurocentric features, you see blondes with blue eyes on Telanovela all the time and US media only has love for the lightest shades of brown (unless we’re talking about villains which is a whole other conversation). The fact that there are Arab, Asian, black and a huge population of native (which is where a lot of those East Asian features come from) people in Mexico is the real chisme.


I’m talking about most episode stories. And yes, Many people have told me that I don’t look Mexican because of my color.

Bookmarked! (Maybe I’ll add Mexican/Hispanic characters in the future :smiley: )
Thanks for creating this helpful thread! :slight_smile:

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Or Brazilian people, just, WHY THIS STEREOTYPE AHH

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I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, I know it does, I just think the prevalent and systemic issue is with Eurocentric anti-black anti-brown standards. When was the last time you saw a Mexican character with deep dark brown skin, or a big wide nose, or monolids?

I also think condensing what being Mexican looks like into a few short points is impossible and antithetical to helping people avoid stereotypes. My family is Catholic but I’m an atheist, lots of Mexicans are atheist, many of us aren’t the conservative patriarchal christians exemplified in older generations, lots of us are feminists and don’t believe in respectability politics and reject the Madonna whore complex. I like Anime too but I also like having lots of dirty sex with partners I’m not married to because I don’t believe in marriage either, yuh girl can do both.

Dude, what? In a conversation about not falling into stereotypes for Mexican characters why would you then go and offensively stereotype Brazilians and Spanish people?


Mexico is in North America. The thread doesn’t ever mention the variety of separate cultures across Latin American countries but that would be a good point to make.

This sounds like you’re saying the stereotype is based on the behavior of Spanish people and not applicable to Mexican people, which doesn’t make sense because lots of Mexican people are mestizo and heavily mixed with Spanish, that stereotype is actually a symptom of the fetishization of brown women and the perspective of a white male gaze in media.

Also I was raised Catholic, went to a catholic school and that didn’t stop me from having sex. Actually I’d say the urge to rebel against religious oppression made me have sex way earlier than I might have had I not been raised within religion and that seems to be the experience for a lot of people in the same position.



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I mean they shouldn’t be used for any country, culture, gender etc. people are complex and although you can see similarities within certain ethnic groups/races/whatever that develop through shared history and culture that doesn’t mean they apply to everyone. Especially considering a lot of stereotypes don’t come from the observed behavior of a group but from straight up racism. By the way when I say a lot of Mexican people are “Spanish” I mean a large majority of people across Mexico, central and South America have some ratio of Spanish ancestry.

I think it depends on the individual and the environment, full disclosure my parents were/are really liberal so there were a lot of conflicting narratives and having options rather than being told one supposed truth and worldview probably also contributed. Religious people aren’t perfect and typically pick and choose which parts of their doctrine they want to adhere to anyway.

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Bookmarked! I have a Latina character I need to develop a bit more before releasing the story.

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All I’m saying is that Latins, usually Brazilians and Spanish and Mexican people get stereotyped and that it is annoying.


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Thank you so much for this!! :heart_eyes:

Same!! I’m half-Mexican and half-Greek, but I’m also very light skinned and many people in my city have blonde hair and blue or green eyes.

Yes!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I really hate this stereotype. I’m not like that, either, so it saddens and angers me when people think that all Latina girls are sex-crazed.

Another thing I’d like to add:
People seem to assume that all Mexicans like to get drunk and say a bunch of groserías (swear words). Yes, there are people here like that, but not everyone drinks and curses. It depends a lot on how you were raised, what your beliefs are, and whether or not you like alcohol. I work in a school, and some of my teenage students can’t even stand the taste of alcohol.


True! One of my cousins is married to a Lebanese man, so my nephews are half-Mexican and half-Lebanese with very prominent Arabic features.


Latin countries in general are rich in immigrant culture, Lebanese immigrants for example have been in Mexico since they Ottoman empire, the first wave brought with them their cooking techniques and traditional dishes, like shawarma and the vertical spit, which is how we got tacos al pastor.


OMG I forgot to add that in!

But tias tho they get wasted lmao

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