How to write that in the script

You know how some authors try to keep the name hidden when a character is talking to keep their identity a secret? How do you do that because I want to do that as well.

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You remove their display name.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 22.43.02

How do you do the code?

Ok thanks but fo you need to create two copy of the person and one you remove the display name and the author you want the name?

I guess so I have never used it. But I guess if you wanted for them to then show up with a name later on you would make a duplicate character and make them become the character and have their display name the same of the character.

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I actually just coded a scene using this! What I did was remove the display name from a background character and position the speechbubble from the background character to the unknown character. To make it seem like the “unknown character” is talking, just type in

&CHARACTER starts talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop (or whatever animation u need)

then have the background character without a display name talk and position the speechbubble to the character u desire :blob_hearts:

hope this helped, and let me know if it doesnt make sense lol


Thank you <3

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