How To: Writing A Story With A Male MC

As anyone who’s read/heard of my stories knows, I’ve always had female MC’s, but I wanna step out of my comfort zone, and write a new story with a male MC, I was wondering is anyone has any types, tricks, advice, etc that would be helpful?

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I’m writing a story with a male MC. I’m not really doing anything different than with a female MC :woman_shrugging:I think of their personality but I do that with women too So idk. Just do what you normally do


Same thing with female you do with male:

  • Their personality
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Where is your MC from?
  • Does he have a family? Siblings? Single Mother? Single Father? Grandmother? Grandfather? etc.
  • What language does he speak?
  • Sexuality?
  • Does he go to school? College?
  • How old is he?
  • Hobbies?
  • Does he have bad friends or good friends?
  • Greek, Nerd, Smart, Athletic?
  • What’s his style of clothing?
  • Zodiac Sign?
  • What kind of environment does he live in?
  • Any triggering warning he’s been through, (example: depression, self harm, etc.)
  • Does the MC have a disorder?
  • Fav sports? Fav food? Fav band? etc.
  • Does he have a job, if so, where does he work?

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This helped me.

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