How to you crop a character smoothly?


So I’m trying to cut out a character into a png smoothly without any messy lines. Any apps or tricks to do this thing???


Try pixlr online


Picsart or


It helps if you have like, a pure white background


I need help with this too :flushed:


Do NOT use the solid black background, it’s your enemy


I usually just screenshot the character on my iPad then go to iBisPaint x. Then I remove the majority of excess background and start narrowing down slowly making the eraser smaller until all that’s left is the character. I recommend using the dark transparent background because that helps you see if you missed a few pixels haha


My favourite app is superimpose x (not free) but I like using the magic wand and reducing the threshold right down (this is honestly something I just figured out). If the character is on a black background, it will cut the character out even if she has black hair and black clothes. Then if I need to neaten it, I’ll just use a normal brush. I’d much rather have a black outline around my character than a white one though (I’m not exactly the neatest at erasing freehand haha) :joy:

Ibis Paint x is good if you want something free :slight_smile:


Yeah, don’t use solid black because when you click on it, it’ll include the black lines around the character. I suggest using a pure white background and IbisPaint x


How do you use ibis paint to crop something? I can’t figure it out


You import the picture, and then you use the magic wand and click on the background. Then you can use the eraser to erase the whole background, and only the character should be left.
Hope that made sense


TYSM :smiley:


You can go in power point go on format picture and set transparency and click on the background <3.