How to zoom fast?

Hey, I always wondered how to zoom in. I know how to do the basic one where it gradually brings you to whevever you want the readers screen to be, but I want to know how to do the one where it just cuts to the zoom?

What do you want it to zoom at?

@zoom on 248 343 to 235% in 0

You would do it like this

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Check out this on zooms:

For example, if you have @zoom on 349 383 to 8% in 0, where s (the number of seconds) is 0, it would be a Zero-second zoom (a static zoom), according to this helpful guide on Advanced Directing: Zoom Overview.
0 seconds basically means it takes 0 seconds to zoom to where you want (which basically means it cuts to that spot where you zoomed in, since 0 seconds is…well, it’s zero, no seconds used at all)