How To Zoom On A Character

Hey, guys. I was wondering how to zoom in on a character, but in a different way. The way I want to zoom on the character is that I want the camera to zoom down to the character’s leg and then up to her face at the same time the character is talking. Like, the zoom needs to go down and then zoom closer on their face. Do you sort of get what I’m talking about? Not sure if I explained it well, but I hope someone can help me with this zooming motion.

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&zoom on X Y to #% in S THEN zoom on X Y to #% in S

CHARACTER (animation)
Bla bla bla…

Like this. You’d replace X, Y, #, S (S stands for the time, in seconds) with a number. You’d use the & and then/THEN command to combine the zooms. animation gets replaced with an actual animation that exists and CHARACTER with your character’s name.

In zoom, the X is left-right camera movement (first number) and the Y is up-down camera movement (second number). #% is the percentage of the zoom (ex. 100%)


I just previewed it and it worked! Thank you so much for helping me! :blush:

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