How Was Eeryone's Christmas?

Got a toothbrush for Christmas, like really? -.- At least I got some cool video games to play, so it was okay for me. I guess. What about you guys?


It was fun! We were supposed to go to a family friend’s house to celebrate but something unexpected came up so that didn’t happen. But it was fun to be around family while celebrating! Thank you for asking! :heart:

I hope everyone’s Christmas was great! :blush:

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that’s great!

Our Christmas was great, my colleague’s gives me surprise visit.

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Loved it! I’ve spent and currently still spending time with my brother and his family, although I’m spoiling myself – I want a new gaming monitor and custom PC. I guess I’m my own Santa? :joy:


It wasn’t that good for me cuz I have corona so I am quarantined but an author announced that the prequel of my favorite story is being released on jan 2022…So I was happy af… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stressful :joy:

good until i tested positive :joy::joy:

What did you get for Christmas 2021? For me I got a two shirt and a sweatshirt. I also got a iTunes card and a bunch of candy and chocolate.

Especially dark chocolate is good for you if you didn’t know.

So tell what you got for Christmas?


Ooh I love dark chocolate!

I got chocolates, money, and a remote control car :smiley:

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I got 50 dollars, some lotion and perfume and hot Cheeto flavored popcorn because I love them! and also a Boba phone case that I’ve been wanting lol, I’m so grateful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did spend my $30 iTunes card on a mobile game battle pass.

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It was great! I got like two doordash gift cards. And as a broke college student, this helps a LOT

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