How was y'all 4th of July 👀?

Heyy y’all im bored . But i just wanted to know what y’all for 4th of july. Also add my instagram
Insta : DaddyNathalie :hot_face: .

Pretty good, just been home all day, but watching everyone highlights of seeing others putting up fireworks, and then jamming to music, and playing video games, and writing my squad story.

Aww that’s really cool :heart:.

Im not american so it was neutral for me!

Oh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lmao the fireworks sounded like squeaking squirrels and then exploding noises.


Just the normal…
my mom yelled at dem mfs that were doing fireworks right over our house and almost burned down our house… :nail_care:
how wus urs

Didn’t celebrate a holiday that brought nothing to my people except pain, oppression, and death :v:t5: :v:t5:

(Not being aggressive just honest.)


Aw :pleading_face: :heart:.

Well Have a good day bbg :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:.

I slept for 15 hours😌

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I can’t stand fireworks anymore.


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