How Were You Punished As A Child? *Story Time*

So @Januva made this interesting thread: Should parents smack their kids? and it got me thinking. How would you get punished as a kid? What was your experience like? Feel free to talk about it. Did your parents send you to your room? No dessert? Did you think it was fair? Unfair?

Were you…

  • Grounded
  • Had something taken away
  • Smacked
  • Other reasons not mentioned
  • What was the question?

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Your poll says we have to pick a minimum of four options lol.

Anyway, my dad’s an accountant and so my most common punshiment was writing out all my times tables up to 20s. I used to cry because school only made us go up to 12 and I didn’t know beyond that


I changed it, my bad :sweat_smile:


And omg :scream:


my dad is dead. has been since I was two

my mom did not believe in punishment. I usually just got yelled at. I tell you this won’t work with everyone but I worked fine with me. the respect i have for my mom is not the one you have for a parent but for a friend. she trusts me and I trust her

another thing first time I heard corporal punishment(punish your kid by spanking them or something ) was legal in America I was shocked.where I live this had been illegal longer than black people have had voting rights in America


I was left outside on my own for a while, locked out of the house. That might be why I don’t get scared when I get lost on the streets :slight_smile: I’ve also been verbally abused a bit. I’ve never been physically hurt, but my mum would lock herself in the room to stop herself from hurting me.

(No pity please, I’ve moved on from that, and even though it affects me to this day, I’ve forgiven her and love her to bits).

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My grandma when she was little she used to have to kneel on rice for an hour :confused:


I was a good noddle and a mama’s girl so I hardly got the belt unless I did something beyond bad, but if I didn’t my mom would just shut off my internet or she would express how disappointed she was in me and like wouldn’t say anything and that hurt soooooo bad ugh even now I’m cringing I hate when she said that.


Lol my dad does that to my brother, he values his Xbox more than us so my dad shuts down the internet


:rofl: that gets me so mad when my internet goes off then I go to my mom then find out what I did.


my mom spanked me with a belt. once she made me kneel for 30 minutes…

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Where is the all of the above option? :anguished:. Oh I see it’s multiple choice! Nvm.


Rubberband lastic. Rottan (that stick for canning), scolding. Tap likely on the hand.

My dad used to say “You’re grounded” which means for a couple of hours for some reason.


Hmmm let’s see :thinking::thinking:

  1. I would get my butt whooped by a belt. (not in an extreme, abusive way)
  2. Sent to my room to take lay down and couldn’t come out until I was told.
  3. Popped with a wooden spoon. (By my granny)
  4. Grounded.

Belt for a few times,hot sauce but I loved it so that stopped, corner but I also liked that, I sat in a plastic chair but I fell asleep, they took something away but I didn’t care… they just stopped trying after 2 years and no punishment since I was 5 XD


I have to do that sometimes but longer

I had gotten smacked with a belt, slapped and yelled at. I hated when they shouted at me cause I felt like shouting didn’t really do anything but I hated when my parents would tell me they were disappointed in me. It felt like the worst thing. My would sometimes have me kneel down with my hands up and my eyes closed or another punishments. I would be like that for like 10 minutes and cry then after apologize and she would talk to me and explain what I did wrong. But as I’ve grown older they just shout if i do anything wrong.

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coropal punsiment dont learn respect it learn fear.

i know a few kids who been send to foster because there parents did spank them. i am so happy it is ilegal in my country. where i live just the idea is strange to us, that when we hear it we are already calling child protective service


Well I’ve never been grounded, im always in my room anyway. I would get spanked on occasion but not much since i wasnt a bad kid…most of the time I’d just get lectured. But when in school spankings were the main form of punishment, even in senior high :woman_facepalming:… good thing i barely got into trouble…

Spanked a few times, taking a swing at me (so I thought they would hit me), shouted at, and privileges taken away.

It all depended on what I did, though.