How will I know when my cover is reviewed?

I’m almost ready to update my story, but my cover still says pending and is not showing up in the app. How will I know it’s there??? Help please.

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You will receive an email saying which cover has been approved and then you will be able to use it. Hope this helps :+1:

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You should get an email. There’s been one or two occasions where I didn’t actually get an email but if you go back to where you upload the covers, it will look something like this when it’s approved:

It won’t show up in the app or in your create section until you publish/update.


Thank you

Approvals usually take up to 1 day - 2 weeks, so be patient. If the approval extends over 2 weeks, then you should send a ticket to Episode.


Yeah this is the email that comes with your background’s approval.

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