How will people find my story?

Im new to writing on episode and I just published yesterday
Im wondering if anyone can tell me what happens next
How do people find my story?
Is there something I should be doing?
Thank you


OMG! Congrats!

Well, That’s a tricky question, the people who follow you might read them, and if someone likes your story, they’ll share it too

R4R’s, G4G’s and well kinda promote your story on other platforms (ig)

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Thank you so much for responding

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I think the main thing to do is not give up on it, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get many readers straight away, keep trying and they’ll come. The best things to do are RFR’s here on the forums, and promoting through social media platforms, encouraging people to like and share. Promote where you can on the forums too, maybe post updates and bits if you have an Instagram.


You could also ask close friends on Insta to share your story.

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Thank you :blush:

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There are many ways to boost your story and gain reads on the Episode app.

*Be Dedicated (only focus on your story and constantly work on improving and updating.)
*Promote your story on Instagram (Post sneak peeks, updates, etc to catch the attention of people in the community, maybe a scene might interest them and they’ll read it.)
*Share your story link (Copy your story link from the portal and paste it in your social media bio so anyone can access it.)
*Use episode groups (On Instagram there are groups that will read your story and review them, take advantage of that so that your story can be shared to a bigger audience.)
*Have a decent story (Nobody’s going to read a story that has errors after errors, make sure your confident in your story to the point where readers can enjoy it.)
*Use forums (This very website is a great way to promote your story, type “Promote your stories” in the search bar and be sure to share your story as much as you can!)
*Make a Post (similar to the Instagram idea, but instead make cool videos and maybe publish them. Tiktok, Instagram anything! If someone comes across it they may ask about it.)
*Keep your ranks up (Make sure to keep your ranking up by publishing often and adding a gem choice per chapter, with lower ranks readers are more likely to find your story on Episode.)

Lastly, don’t compare your reads to another’s. This is really de-motivating and causes you to feel embarrassed or ashamed for not meeting a certain extend of reads. We’ve all been there and some are going through the exact same thing! So never give up and keep writing.


That awesome! Congratulations!

As for what comes next is the waiting. Sometimes this can be a little discouraging. Just keep publishing more chapters and you are bound to get some reads.

They can search it, or they can find it in trending if you are trending.

I am doing Read for Reads and Gem for Gems. If you would like to get your reads up. This helps with getting other to view it as well. Personally, this is the quickest way I’ve been able to get on the trending list.

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Thank you so much I would love to ill put my story below and please let me know the link to yours and I’ll read it :blush:

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Thank you so much that was so much information, thank you for taking the time to do that

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Below is my new story on episode if anyone eould like to read it
Id love to do R4R please just let me know
Feel free to promote your stories here too
When you look it up it has a different cover at the moment


IG - courtney_episode2929

Genre- Romance

Author- Courtney

Style - Limelight with full cc and multiple LIs

About - Reality tv show
10 singles are placed into a randomly chosen arena
With new people entering each week
Will you choose love or money
An unexpected twist changes everything


I will help by sharing your story!

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aww congrats on publishing :yellow_heart:
everything that @/enijah.stories said is pretty much everything to keep in mind when it comes to writing on here. one thing I will emphasize is this!:

^ this is the most important thing to keep in mind. just because your story isn’t immediately trending or have millions of reads doesn’t mean that your story isn’t good! when i first published i submitted review forms to episode group accounts and did some R4Rs to get started. <3

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Thank you I don’t know what review groups are so I’ll definitely look into that

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Ill read it now :blush:

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episode groups are basically groups of people on instagram (or here) that are specifically there to help authors, whether it involves reviewing stories or making art scenes. here are some of my favs!:
these links will take you to their instagrams ^
i’m not sure if they have open requests or not, but you should be able to find similar groups through them too! :yellow_heart:

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#1 thing I can tell you is to not compare your story to anyone else’s. There are great stories with a few hundred reads, and absolute cliche junk stories with millions. Reads don’t equal quality.

#2. Write your story because YOU want to see it come to life. Take your time and code several episodes ahead so that you will be able to have a schedule for your releases ( If you’ve published 3, code to episode 5-6 before your next release and promote your first 3 episodes as much as you can, everywhere you can.). It’ll help you have some breathing room, update regularly
and keep reader interest.

#3. Take advantage of ANY “Promote your story here” posts that you see in the Promote Your Story section. That will gain you exposure here. Also, take advantage of any story review posts you see. Not all feedback will be great, but it’ll get your story out there and help you improve. If you don’t already have one, I suggest making an instagram dedicated to your Episode stuff. Mine is colecatalyst.epi on IG. It allows me to keep in touch with my readers, publish stuff that I’m working on, give updates etc. Very worthwhile as so many people use Instagram.

#4. Your story should appear on the New Story shelf in the app. It can take awhile to show up, so don’t freak if you go look and it’s not there yet. It took at least a week after I published to see my story on there.

#5. Read and listen to your fanmail that has CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms. You don’t have to take their advice, but you do have to be diplomatic when replying to them.

Example: I recieved a fanmail that said that I had “excluded” people of color. – my story was about a dominican/italian MC, her Korean-American best friend and her Mexican-American sort-of-LI. Straight up, there’s like 10 white people in the entire story, and only 2 had lines and the rest were background characters. lol.

Stuff like that you’ve just gotta brush off and keep going. But if someone says this is great/ I like this BUT (constructively telling you why something should be changed) --read it, understand that they are trying to help and decide on your own whether you think you should adjust to their suggestion. You don’t have to, obviously.

Even if they’re mean, the best way to reply (which helps your reputation as one of the nice authors is to reply with kindness. “Thank you so much for your suggestion, I will consider making this change” or “thank you for your thoughts, and thanks for giving my story a chance.” are much nicer ways to reply to some of the rude people you’ll encounter. Always reply with kindness. If you stoop to their level, they win.

Good luck and congratulations on publishing!


Thank you so much, your so lovely :blush: