How will people find my story?

Thank you so much I’ll check them out :blush:

Wow thank you so much for all this :blush: so nice of you

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I am in the same boat, not too sure how to promote my story. We could do a R4R. What is you story called? I love reading, I’d be more than happy to read it.

My story is called Queen Of Spades
Written by: Tales by Lj
Chapters: 4

That would be amazing Ill read yours later tonight
This is mine but it doesn’t have this cover yet
read it
Id love to do R4R


IG - courtney_episode2929

Genre- Romance

Author- Courtney

Style - Limelight with full cc and multiple LIs

About - Reality tv show
10 singles are placed into a randomly chosen arena
With new people entering each week
Will you choose love or money
An unexpected twist changes everything

Thank you! Will read it tonight also, sounds interesting. :yellow_heart:

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Started your story last night, loving the fresh personalities of each charecter. Ozzy, is def the wild one.

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