How would I place an overlay while using a over the shoulder camera angle?

I want something similar in my story like “It started with a lie Cameron Dellas”
When the main character is in the conference room with the detective, they are sitting at a table and the camera angle is over the shoulder. I have a similar situation where I need my two characters sitting at a table while there is an over the shoulder angle. Can someone please tell me how I would place an overlay correctly in order for it to look right. If you’re not sure what I mean by this, just check out the story I mention up top.

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If you know spot directing you will be able to do it. Just open ur story on the app and click, directing helper. Then spot helper. Drag the character which has the rear animation in front of the other character. Then click “switch tool to: scale” Then adjust the size of your character.

The small writings that appear below with the @ symbol are important and needed to be copied to ur script.

Then do the same with the other character. Place it then scale it.
Copy the information to ur script.

Then to change the camera angle to over the shoulder just click directing helper again, then zoom helper then pinch on the screen to adjust the camera focus over the character’s shoulder

Then click “switch tool to: move”
Then adjust camera position

Dont forget to copy the below information to ur script exactly as it is.

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