How would I portray suicide?

In my story a close friend of the mcs tries to commit suicide. I would like to know how I should portray that in my story.

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I have that in my story too. I didnt write too much about it, so the readers wont be too much upset.


Don’t show her attempt but describe in a very short NARR thing what happened. And maybe add a choice so the reader can choose if he/she wants to know the reasons and what really happened or just saying that she tried to end her life. Never describe in details, like she had cuts on her arm etc.


Hello Lovely, My MC in my story trys this many times. But you have to be very careful with this I had a scene where my MC self harms, I had her go to pick up the object but not hold it and you cannot show anything else, So no blood etc, You cannot show her doing anything to herself, You can show a black screen with some words. After this I showed a black screen some words and then I showed a close up of the MC being on the floor but you can only see her legs and nothing else.
I did a scene where the MC was in the bath and her head went under the water As a way of her trying to commit suicide, but when the boyfriend came in and saw her being under the water I wasnt aloud her to be under the water. she only could be out of the bath. So I had to place her on the floor just for that bit.

There`s also was another bit where the MC was sexually assaulted, She wanted to scrub her skin with Bleach. But this wasnt aloud. she could only do this with soap and water.

I also wanted to do a scene where there tablets and she took a overdose. But this wasnt aloud either.

I hope this helps?

I wasnt too sure So after I wrote all my story I sent a ticket and also whilst writting my story to epsiode admin to check my story. they did 3 times. (its better to be safe than sorry?)

Thanks everyone, this really helped. @Sydney_H can you close this please?

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