How would you deal with bad fanmail?

I’ve noticed recent fanmail on some of my stories has been quite negative, some more harsher than others. I realise all readers are entitled to their own opinion, but some comments have been rather personal aiming at me, the author, directly.

Though it probably isn’t worth reporting, (it doesn’t use swearing and isn’t threatening) I feel quite dismayed and upset when I read someone’s comments about my profile and my stories. (As some hurtful comments have been directed at me rather than my episodes.)

My question is, how do you deal with negative fan mail?

All readers are entitled to their own opinion on stories, but when you read their comments what is your strategy for overcoming negative reactions? Do you delete it? Reply to it? Fire back? And how does your motivation come back to continue the story?


As hard as it is to not respond, just don’t give in to them. Don’t give them the time of day they don’t deserve. One thing I’ve learned is that some people who leave negativity on your stuff are usually saying those things to get a reaction out of you and the last thing you want is to give them what they want! You’re clearly the better person in this situation.

Stay strong, btw. :heart:


Every time I deal with some backlash from the wherever, I always ask myself what I would advice a person in my position, and then follow my own advice. Sometimes it’s hard doing the right thing for ourselves. And the right thing is definitely to not give these people your attention or time.


Thanks everyone :wink:

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I will sometimes reply with thank you, block them or laugh my ass off


I think it depends on the content of the fanmail. If it contains anything I can improve my story with, that’s great, if it’s something like “I don’t like it”, there is no point in answering, but I’m not sure how to deal with intentionally rude, offensive mails. I received one a few months ago and I decided to reply with a sarcastic comment because although I’m not sensitive to things like this, I know that a lot of people are, and I really wanted her to think a little bit before she starts throwing shit on anyone else in the community, just for the sake of it. Instead of firing back I tried to keep it classic, but I really hope she got my point.


Lol, no-one send me fanmail :pensive:
so no bad mail😁
But if I get one🤔 I will reply with-
Thanks man, I am happy to get reader as nice as you , you leaves me a fanmail , I means , literally …you are amazing and I am sure you like story (though you are denying it😅) because you stop and leave a FANMAIL
Hope he embarrassed himself and don’t reply again:joy::joy::joy:


Honestly I just give a salty-ass comeback and turn my anger into determination. So I think, well, if they’re complete assholes it’s their own faults. Because honestly what type of person would leave bad fanmail?? Just… why? It makes no sense to me. Use your anger to fuel yourself into making your art better :joy:

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