How would you feel about a story having a sad ending?


And they all lived happily ever after!

Wait doesn’t that happen all the time :thinking:
What if the ending was a tear jerker? Something tragic happeneds at the end?

I don’t want to give too much away but I have an idea of how I want one of my stories to end but it would be very sad.

Would you guys like to see a sad ending now and then and should I just have a happy ending?


In general I really really love endings that are not expected… whether it’s because it’s surprising or simply because it is a sad ending and not a happy ending (which I think is really surprising since usually the Happy Ending is the default).
I think it makes a story really memorable and it’s just something the reader remembers for a long time, even tho or because it also often angers me so much that I need a year or so to get over it and actually decide to read this kind of book again.


If a story had a sad ending but it was done in the right way… I think it would work very well. I like stories which are different because its more suprising. E.g. The main characters mum has a disease the whole story and dies at the end. That would make the reader sit up and feel more emotional and shocked instead of the expected and predictable curing of the main characters mother.


I LOVE awful endings! I have a few stories with not so happy endings and stories that don’t have a released finale yet that are quite…unhappy.


I love happy endings but adding a sad ending would be a cool idea for a story since they’re rare, I believe :wink:


I am wondering the same thing as I am planning a story with a potentially sad ending!


What is your happy and sad ending?


I’m making this story where there’s this guy at the beginning of the story who is a real bad guy. He doesn’t do anything so bad, like kill anyone, but he’s a player and is rude to his girlfriend, which leads to their break up. I’m not sure if I’ll make him end up alone, with someone else, or back with MC at the end? What do you guys think? Should he get a happy ending?



So my plan was either the MC does not actually get to be with the person he truly loves or will - depends on choices and actions throughout the story.