How would you feel about a story that aims to show teen pregnancy in a realistic way?

  • I wouldn’t read it
  • I would read it
  • Other

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I know people are sick an tired of pregnancy plots, mostly because of how unrealistic they can be. I followed a girl who became pregnant at 17 on Youtube, and she was truly inspiring. I want to show people that teen pregnancy has so many struggles, but also to end some stigmas about it. What do you think?


I think it’s a wonderful idea to finally make a realistic story about a teen pregnancy!
However, for personal reasons I’m not sure I would read it myself but I’m certain there would be lots of readers anyway!


Finally a story I’ve been waiting for! :slight_smile:


I believe if someone would finally portray it in a realistic way and show the ups an the downs, I would definitely read it!


If it really went all the way with realism and actually depicted the pitfalls and difficulties that pregnant teenagers have to go through? Yes, that would definitely be refreshing. I say you should go for it.