How would you feel about this type of gem choice?

Hey everyone!

Because gems spent on your story now plays an influence on its place in the rankings, for when I finally release a story, I’ve been trying to think of a way to include them that isn’t in the “pay 50 gems to kiss your boyfriend” vein. Those kinds of choices are why I no longer read the Episode official stories, and while I absolutely understand why community authors may include those choices and don’t blame them at all, I know I immediately stop reading if one pops up.
Beyond support me, topping up points, or unlocking a scene you didn’t have enough points for- which I think are wonderful gem choices and will use myself-, the only thing I can think of that would fit what I’m looking to write, is bonus scenes that don’t impact the story, but I couldn’t in good conscience include those either. Something about my brain doesn’t let me easily come to terms with missing something in a story, and I don’t want anyone who also deals with that to feel pressured to spend their valuable gems so they don’t miss anything.

So, that brings me to the reason for this topic, how would you feel about a gem choice to view a bonus scene not vital to the story or plot and just something fun and extra, that was available for free at the end of the story/season/etc.? 5 Gems is the most it would cost.
It of course would be clearly mentioned to be available for free at the end (I.e, “This bonus scene will be available for free at the end of the story. However, you can spend gems if you would like to view it now.”), and since stories can take months to over a year to finish, you may not get to see that scene for a really long time. Rather than being a “pay gems to unlock this content” choice, it would be a “I don’t want to wait and want to see this now” choice, so nothing would be behind a paywall and there wouldn’t be that pressure.

If you had gems to spare, is that a kind of choice you’d pick? If there were points in the story, would it help if a point was added as a bonus?

Little edit to clarify: My question isn’t about including bonus scenes, it’s more about them being free at the end, like is that a good way to do it, because instead of unlocking content it’s seeing it sooner. I apologize for any confusion, that’s totally on me!

If this is in the wrong category I truly apologize, Share Feedback seems to be for things like creative ideas rather than more technical one, so this seemed like the proper place. I also tried looking to see if someone else had asked the same question, but couldn’t find anything, so I truly apologize if I’ve missed something!
I also apologize if this is too wordy or formatted weird! I’m not at all a stranger to forums, but I am very new to the Episode ones and still getting used to it, and I’m also super nervous about posting.
Thank you so much to everyone who reads this and offers a thought! :heart:


I think that’s a fine idea!

In my story, I’m including a decently long bonus scene at the end of each episode for 5 gems as well. I also made a menu at the end of the story to include a bonus scene gallery, where any scenes that they reader purchased will be permanently unlocked for the remainder of the story so they can view it over and over.

I think it’s a good way to get a couple gems spent on your story, while providing extra entertainment without it ruining the story experience. And I do like that you mentioned all scenes being for free at the end. Good luck with it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so so much, I really appreciate the response, and I’m happy you think it is! :heart:

I’m glad you’re doing that kind of thing as well, and I think a bonus scene gallery is fantastic! I’ve only seen a couple authors do that; the bonus scenes, especially when long and detailed or just really amusing, can be so lovely to read, and it’s nice to be able to see them again. If they’re more story related it’s a really sweet throwback too, and something that can remind you of the beginning you probably read awhile ago and make the ending more impactful.

I think it’s a good way to get that too! I’m glad that you like me mentioning all the scenes being free at the end, that’s my main worry with it. I don’t know if people will either feel it’s not worth it, or like it’s cheap I guess?? when at some point they’ll be available for free for everyone. Thank you so much for the luck, and good luck to you as well! :heart:


I personally never spend gems on bonus scenes, but I see this type of choice in many stories!


That’s totally understandable! If I didn’t get stressed about missing something I wouldn’t pay for them either, which is why I’m wanting to have them available at the end so no one misses out on anything.
And thank you, that’s reassuring to hear!


Of course! I’m happy to help!

That’s why I enjoy bonus scenes as well. I don’t usually purchase gem choices due to never having gems, but I’m more likely to pay for bonus scenes than anything else.

I mean as long as they’re made aware that the scenes will be free at the end, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Because then they know that they don’t HAVE to spend gems if they don’t want to. But I’m sure plenty of people would choose to view the scenes beforehand anyways. :blush:


I personally don’t spend gems on things unless I know that there won’t be another chance for it, I really like the ship and/or what the bonus scene would be about, topping up points that I really need or seeing something quite different and creative. I also tend to refrain from spending gems on scenes if I feel they may be quite short and that tends to be my biggest gem pet peeve — something sounding so enticing that I spend gems on it only to feel cheated because it lasted only a minute or two.

As for your idea, I wouldn’t personally go for it unless it’s a really important scene for a ship I like and want to see together, but I’m sure there would be quite a lot of impatient readers who would love to see your scenes before they become free for view. :blush:

Here’re also more ideas for bonus content if you wanted to consider more things:


I don’t think I would be interested that it’s free at the end of the story, say 10-20 chapters later. By then the story is over and I am no longer interested to see something that I missed back in chapter 5, for example. But I have nothing against it.


Thank you again! I’m glad that’s why you like them too :heart: That’s super helpful to hear as well, I’ve seen a lot of people be the same way and it’s part of why I’m wanting to have bonus scenes.

That’s really reassuring to hear too, thank you! Hopefully people do, if I had gems to spare I know I would, but I didn’t know how much of an outlier I am there if at all.

Thank you so much for your response, it’s really helpful! I’ll definitely be keeping those in mind for what I include in the bonus scene. Important scenes for the ship are bonus scenes I really like as well, and I’m sure there’s a way to make them important but not pivotal to the plot.
I big time feel with that gem pet peeve. Absolutely no shade to the authors who do that; I 100% get it, but it’s definitely disappointing when it ends up being pretty short. My writing ends up being a bit too long more often than not, so hopefully my bonus scenes will end up being a decent length.

That’s absolutely understandable, and thank you so much for being honest! I’m glad you’re sure of that, that’s a big reassurance and really helps to hear :heart:

Thank you for the link to the thread as well! I’m good on ideas now because I’ve thought way too much about it, but if I’m ever stuck I now have an easy way to find it :heart:

Thank you so much for the reply, I really appreciate it! That’s absolutely understandable, towards the very end especially I probably wouldn’t include bonus scenes because it’s ending in like five chapters and that might be a bit pointless. That’s part of why I’m thinking about adding points to it if I include points, because I absolutely get that feeling. I’m glad you don’t have anything against it though, and thank you again! :heart:


You’re most welcome! (:


I know I really struggled to get people to use gems in my stories, and I really disliked the idea of making people use them for choices or bonus scenes etc, I didn’t want to disadvantage a reader just because they didn’t have the gems to use.
But in saying that, I would release 3 episodes, and put the first two straight out and then put the 3rd in EA. I would also put a “do you want a sneak peek of the next ep” at the end of the 2nd and 3rd episodes. Once I did this I went from like 500th and sat in the early 100’s in the ranking, and thats when I was getting 1K reads daily. I would really suggest this, I think it also worked because I had a few cliffhangers.
It’s a hard thing to navigate, especially because people use real money to afford gems, and its a younger viewer base that can’t always buy them, But I found this really worked for me - people could choose if they wanted to buy the sneak peak, or just wait a few days until I released again.
I’ll be doing that again in my next story.

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Thank you so much! I highly dislike the idea of that as well, which is why I made the thread to see if people would be okay with it/like it better if at the end they were available to everyone so no one missed out on anything. I wouldn’t have things like “see this in their point of view!” or anything plot or heavily story related because I feel those really disadvantage people without gems to spend. Even if there’s not points and other things, they still reveal a little and give a better understanding, and while I don’t at all think negatively of those who do that (you get that payment!! Get rewarded for your hard work!!), I’m just not comfortable doing that myself. Episode is an app with a lot of under 18 readers, and I really don’t want to put any pressure on them especially to spend.

I’m so so happy that worked so very well for you, that’s absolutely wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing that! I’m not the biggest fan of early access and wouldn’t use it myself, but I’m so so glad it worked for you! :heart: I’ll definitely consider sneak peaks though, they seem to really help. I’ll just need to get into a habit of having a little bit of the next episode ready for when it feels appropriate!
It really is difficult to navigate for sure, and I so so hope it works just as well for you on your next story! :heart:

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I think that is a great idea! You could also add something at the end of each chapter where it gives the option to support the author by donating 5 gems and an option not to. (Just something I’ve seen) <3

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I’m so happy you think it is, thank you! :heart: I’ll definitely be including the support me option as well :heart:

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So now that idk if it’s just me but you get that Episode choice scene daily when you log in and get 3 gems (which I really like) but Yh I think bonus content ideas are great and can really make things interesting! Me personally am also thinking of doing bonus scenes probably for around 3-5 gems but be creative with it! :two_hearts:

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Hey! :heart:
Ohhh are you talking about Shards? I think that’s still being tested out with select people. At least, I don’t have it yet. I’m so glad you think so, and thank you for the response! Hearing people think bonus scenes are a good idea helps too :heart:

Hmmm not shards, but like when I login daily, I’m presented with a choice scene created by episode and I get 3 gems for it. Maybe it’s just me? :thinking::sweat_smile:

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I have that daily choice thing but only 1 gem


Ahh interesting

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