How would you handle a mute mc?

I have been considering this concept of a character who is unable to speak for an episode story. I have never heard of another story that does this. She does have the ability to communicate, she has very good handwriting, but I want the opinions of people who know the app better than I do.


I would focus on her inner monologue through narration as well the state of her character relationships - What are their dynamics like? How do they support the main character? - This is just a starting point, hopefully it helps. :butterfly:


Interesting perspective.

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I love this concept! One of my favorite stories is called “speak” by j.miley, and the main character there is unable to speak. 10/10 would recommend it. :sun_with_face:


Thanks for the reccomendation, but does it use a lot of gems? I’ve been very strategical when it comes to my gems.

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No, I can’t remember that gems have been used there at all to be honest. :thinking:

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There is a story called a silent voice there is about a non verbal autist

If you wanna read a stpry where its done worh one who ise mute


Thanks for the reccomendation

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